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I try be the best son to my mom and a good sibling to my brother and sister. My most important role on earth is being a father  to my amazing baby girl. I am also blessed to be an uncle to an amazing boy I nicknamed Jiu Jitsu (it still stands from 11 days old to now). I also embraced Islam after the birth of my daughter, the best thing I did with my life honestly.


I started my MMA journey after I heard an ad of EFC 10 Leo Gloss vs Demarte Pena. After hearing the add I contacted my high-school mate Boyd Allen as I’d seen he was in the sport already. Boyd then referred me to Rio Grappling Springs. Upon my arrival I found the class almost empty and my former trainer Ugi Radulovic asked me to spar with him. He wiped the gym floor with me, but asked me return because he said to me “you have good hands and most importantly, heart”. A bit of funny story, I returned the next week, and found Kickboxing guys that were renting from the MMA club and they did their utmost best to persuade me to join them stop the MMA because the guys were “making love on the ground”. I was eventually asked to leave the Kickboxing academy after they found out I was training MMA. Upon training, I was given a week’s trial by Rio Grappling and I guess I was told I could train at R250 pm. I didn’t have the money so I spoke to one of the coaches, Francios Groenewald about my predicament of wanting to train and not having funds. Frana told me he’d speak to his partner Jurgen Putter and we could reach a solution. I was appointed with duties of keeping the gym clean in return for training. Francios took me on as his training partner, inviting me to train with him in the morning after his yoga classes. We developed a strong bond a relationship and he gave me a wealth of knowledge. I was able to progress faster than the other guys or guys who had been there as long as I’d been because I had the one Sensei in the morning and the other in the evening. I then embarked on an Amatuer career as eventful and long as my pro career.


After winning the Fightstar FW belt, I transitioned to pro . I still consider my first the toughest to date

the team behind the fighter

Fighters Philosophy

"we plan, and they plan, but THE Almighty is the best of planners"

so stay close to Allah and trust his divine decree